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Let’s craft a memorable brand, just as unique as your vision and values!

Vintage brand identity & web design by Glorious Apple
Vintage brand identitiesWebsitesLogosPackaging & LabelsT-shirtsStickersSignage& more...
Vintage brand identitiesWebsitesLogosPackaging & LabelsT-shirtsStickersSignage& more...

People buy emotions, not things.

Let’s craft a Vintage Brand Identity & Website that can communicate Values and activate Emotions

3 ways I can help you achieve your ambitious business goals:

1. Brand Identity
Brand Identity by Glorious Apple Design

Brand Identity

Each brand has its unique story and I know how passionate you are to share it with your audience. I craft vintage brands with the use of storytelling and emotions, so that business owners like you can create a meaningful, enduring connection with their customers. Vintage brands that align with today’s trends and values.
Glorious Apple’s brand identity package gives you the confidence and clarity you need to communicate your brand message with your customers and have a consistent awareness of your business. From the initial concept to the final design, every element is meticulously crafted to reflect the essence of your brand’s story, values, and vision.
Let’s blend historic charm with innovative concepts to build a brand that truly connects with people, now and in the years ahead!

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks

Logos + Icons

One initial concept

Four rounds of revisions

Editable layered files

Recognizable favicon

BONUS: Secondary logo design*

Color Palette

Based on color psychology to create the feeling your brand wants to convey

A base color, 1 to 3 accent color(s), and a neutral color

Image Direction

Inspiration board to help convey the feeling, emotion and voice of your brand through colors, textures and design elements

Brand Typography

Font pairings to create a certain brand voice and personality

Typography for digital use: heading, sub heading, and body text**

Brand Style Guide

A comprehensive, branded PDF including your final logo design(s), icon, color palette, and typography for any future design applications

* An alternate version of the primary logo, thoughtfully crafted to deliver concise and impactful communication

** As an added convenience, I will provide a link to the purchase page of the premium fonts utilized in the project, allowing you to easily expand your font license for future endeavors

2. Web Design
Web Design by Glorious Apple Design

Web Design

When it comes to your business’ online presence, a website is the most important ambassador your brand can have. While a poorly designed website can reflect negatively on your expertise and leave your potential customers feeling confused or frustrated, a strategic, well-crafted website can be your brand’s rockstar!
At Glorious Apple, I build websites that not only give you a professional image and a confident voice to tell your brand’s story but also share your expertise and passion with your target market.
Websites that won’t just look good; but also run fast! At Glorious Apple, a website’s performance and security are just as important as its appearance, ensuring that your audience enjoys the experience and search engines favor the performance. The goal is to build websites that look and perform at their best. Let’s share your expertise and passion with the world!

Timeline: 8-12 Weeks


Powered by WordPress + Elementor

Exclusively designed to show off your brand's personality

Custom blog setup

Professional image optimization

Next-level Web Security

One month VIP support after launch

The Essentials

6 Custom Pages*

Basic SEO**

Fully responsive design that is compatible with any device

Wireframe mock-up

Custom asset files (varies per plan)

Brand style guide

3 rounds of free revisions


Assistance with domain name registration and hosting setup

Assistance with WordPress settings and Elementor widgets

Business Email set-up

Assistance with content creation and editing

Assistance with website maintenance and updates

Future Flexibility & Scalability

Thousands of free plugin options

Third-party software & websites integration possibilities (social media platforms, payment gateways & more)

SEO and marketing friendly

Dynamic web design with E-commerce potential***

* This service encompasses 6 essential web pages to establish your online presence. Looking to incorporate more content? Just give me a heads-up, and we'll customize it to your needs!

** Improving mobile-friendliness through a fully responsive design, converting images & fonts to next generation file formats, improving website speed through optimized code & page structure, and more.

*** Kindly note that while the website can support E-commerce functionality, this feature is not available as part of this service and Glorious Apple currently does not offer an online shop option

3. Brand Add-ons
Brand Add-ons by Glorious Apple Design

Brand Add-ons

Level up your brand’s customer experience and make a bigger impact on your target audience by adding professional brand add-ons to your existing brand identity without needing to re-invest in a full branding package.

Recommended for already established business owners looking for design assets to take their brand to the next level.

Timeline: 2-4 Weeks

Logos & Icons

Primary logo

Secondary logo*

Logomark and favicon

Custom icons and pictograms

Stationery Items

Business cards


Envelope design

Coffee mug design

Packaging & Prints

Product packaging

Product labels

Product tags

Book & magazine covers

Social & Advertising

Post templates

Posters, Postcards & flyers


Banners & signs


T-shirts & hoodies

Custom stickers

Shopping bags

Cap badges

* I exclusively serve clients who entrust me with their primary logo design, ensuring a seamless transition to the secondary logo design service.

** Need a custom package? Reach out to me and we will discuss your options.

let's get creativelet’s make something amazinglet’s turn ideas into realitylet’s work together
let's get creativelet’s make something amazinglet’s turn ideas into realitylet’s work together
Vintage Brand & Web Design by Glorious Apple Design Studio.

Let's work together

Your brand is beyond your product and logo. It’s there to connect and evoke emotions within your audience so that they’ll want to know who you are and what you stand for.

Ready to transform your business? Let’s build a brand that unlocks your true potential!

✦ The Creative Process ✦

How I turn your brand from Meh to Wow:

— Phase One —


After you send me an inquiry through my website form, we will have an initial conversation about your project to figure out if we are a good fit. We will discuss your goals, target audience, and all the other important details to ensure smooth collaboration (time frame, launch date, pricing, and other expectations). When you are ready to officially book, I send you a contract & an invoice for your first installment.
Now, that your booking is secured, we can discuss in depth all the details about the history of your business, why you started, who are your clients, current situation and your ambitious goals to decide the direction.

— Phase Two —


It’s time to get creative and start designing, using the information from the discovery stage. Yay!
For brand identity & logo design projects, you can expect to see an initial logo design at around 7 business days, and I’ll send each deliverable item at a time. This allows me to focus on individual details.
For the web design projects, I’ll wireframe, provide creative direction and write custom code to build your inspiring website. The timeframe depends on various factors, such as the content and the feedback you will provide. I kindly ask that you send the feedback within 24 hours to keep things on schedule.

— Phase Three —


Once the final work is approved, the remaining invoice balance will be made and the source files delivered to you. You will receive an organized folder containing all the relevant files and resources you need for print, web and future editing.
Finally, it's time to launch your dream business with a professional, inspiring brand + website that can empower you to make a difference. Congratulations on launching your new business brand!
Any doubt? No worries! Glorious Apple's one-month premium support after launch is here to make sure the results are delivered and you've got everything working properly.


I serve small and family-owned businesses and respect your budget. Brand design prices vary widely, from $100 to $25,000. I offer a fair rate for a professional brand that will boost your business and revenue. Most clients invest around $1,500, but it depends on your needs. Get a Free Quote
To get started, simply reach out to me and fill out my brand inquiry form, or send me an email at [email protected]. Once I’ve determined that I’m a good match, I’ll proceed with a signed agreement and a 50% deposit, which will secure your project booking. I’m excited to hear from you and embark on this creative journey together!

There’s nothing you “must” have before reaching out! The earlier you connect with a designer for your branding, the more they can help. It’s great if you have a clear idea of your brand design direction, but if you’re unsure, no worries! Just let me know in the inquiry form. I’m always up for a friendly chat!

You will receive all the relevant files you need for print, web and future editing. Deliverable file formats depending on your project: .Ai, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, JPEG, .PNG, .PSD

Got more questions? See the full FAQ

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Whether you have questions, need guidance, or simply want to bounce ideas around, I’m dedicated to providing the support you need.

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